UK Immigration & UK Visa Consultancy

PLEASE NOTE: If you are contacted by a Darren McFadden offering employment, a work permit, or a request to purchase insurance, please note that he has no connection with de Prey Consulting, and any services offered are not offered on behalf of de Prey Consulting – 16/10/15.

Do you…

Relax, we know UK visas inside and out…

Having worked for the Foreign Office for over 8 years, our lead immigration consultant, Nikki de Prey, oversaw 20,000 visa applications a year – now that’s experience that’s hard to beat! She now runs de Prey Consulting, consulting privately to anyone wanting to make a UK visa application, either overseas or from within the UK.

  • We know what the UK Border Agency is looking for and how to apply for it.
  • We know how to avoid the pitfalls and technical errors that can lead to a visa refusal. And we know how to create a visa application that is built to succeed.
  • We will save you time, money and stress…

Whether you are simply wanting to be pointed in the right direction, are wanting professional assistance creating a visa application from start to finish, or you are a business or university needing to direct your employees or students who are moving to the UK, we are here to meet your needs!

We can help with: Tier 1 Visas – Tier 2 Visas – Tier 4 Visas – Tier 5 VisasSettlement

We will be in contact with you in whatever way you prefer – by phone, e-mail, Skype or in person. We can schedule calls at a time to suit you no matter where you are in the world – we are not bound by Greenwich Mean Time!

Having dealt with thousands of people wanting to go to the UK who are stressed, overwhelmed, fearful and desperate, our lead immigration consultant knows the pressures the immigration process can create. That’s why we make it our business to worry about your business!

So let us lead you through the immigration maze, and let you focus on making your dreams a reality.