Immigration to the UK

Whether you want to visit the UK, work in the UK, study or live permanently in the UK, the chances are you will need some kind of permission to do so before you get on that flight!

‘Immigration’ is about anyone traveling to a country – in this case the UK. The rules for who needs permission to enter, and what they must do to qualify for that permission are set in law, and put into practice by immigration officers.

Sometimes you will encounter these immigration officers at an airport on arrival in the UK; other times you will need to gain the permission before you travel, known as a visa, or ‘Entry Clearance’, granted (or not!) by immigration officers based at British Missions overseas. Or you may already be in the UK and need to change or extend an existing visa, in which case you will submit an application to the Home Office.

Immigration can be a tricky path to navigate without the help of an expert. If you want to come to the UK but don’t know how, feel free to contact Nikki – she makes it her business to guide you in your business!