Live in the UK

If you have a partner or family member who is living in the UK, or about to move to the UK, you may qualify to settle (live) in the UK as their dependant.

There are various scenarios:

…you are planning to marry or to have a Civil Partnership ceremony in the UK and wish to stay on in the UK to live

…you are already married, are a Civil Partner or long-term unmarried partner of a British Citizen (or someone who has permission to live permanently in the UK)

…you are financially dependent on someone living in the UK, and are living alone outside the UK.

As some of the longest, most elaborate and expensive of UK visa applications, de Prey Consulting will guide you as to which type of settlement visa to apply for, prepare it for you, or help you prepare your own.

See more detail on Marriage, Spouse or Partner Visas in the above menu.  You’ll also find info on the English requirement and Knowledge of Life test in the above blog.

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