Top 5 tips for a successful UK visa application

  • Provide evidence of everything!  Do not assume the Entry Clearance Officer (decision-maker of visa applications) will take your word for it.
  • Pay close attention to the questions on the Visa Application Form (whether online or on a paper form) – if you answer something incorrectly it could be seen as an attempt to use deception (which can lead to a 10 year ban!)
  • Apply well in advance of your travel plans (up to 3 months), particularly at Christmas and in summer.   This allows the Visa Office time to process your application (and gives you more opportunity to reapply or appeal if your application is refused first time).
  • Present your application in a clear format – the Entry Clearance Officer has only a few minutes to make an initial assessment of your application – help them out!
  • Do not purchase flights until you have your visa!

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  • Charlotte Fleet says:

    My older brother wants to get a visa to the UK so he can start his business there and he wants his application to be successful. I appreciate your suggestion to apply for your visa well in advance of when you plan on leaving. I think it would also be smart for my brother to hire a service that will help him create the perfect business plan that will get him his visa.

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