Tier 1 Visa

High Value Migrants

Tier 1 of the Points Based System is for High Value Migrants applying for immigration to the UK.

There are several types of Tier 1 immigration application:

How does Tier 1 work?

Under Tier 1, applicants must accrue the necessary points to qualify for immigration to the UK. There are a number of areas where points can be gained (see below – ‘Attributes’ and ‘Controls’).

The documentary evidence of your points must meet specific requirements. These are laid out in a Policy Guidance for each type of Tier 1 visa.

The Entry Clearance Officers assessing the applications do not have authority to exercise discretion – if the documentary evidence is not exactly as specified in the Policy Guidance the immigration application is refused, with no refund and no appeal!  The decision will be made on the documents initially submitted, and those alone.

Tier 1 is difficult to get right on your own. Many people apply multiple times before getting it right. Why not use Nikki’s expertise and inside knowledge, and get it right first time? She’d love to work with you!


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