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Insider Information

de Prey Consulting is run solely by Nikki de Prey, MBA.

Previously in charge of immigration to the UK from 18 US states, Nikki brings eight years of experience as a visa decision-maker at a British Consulate.

Nikki was responsible for all visas issued and refused and for implementing the Points Based System for over 20,000 visa applications per year!

For Nikki, being on the inside was at times very frustrating – people who should qualify for their visa had to be refused because they had not presented a properly prepared application. She would regularly speak with applicants who had been refused their visas, trying to explain where they went wrong, but was not in a position to be able to give them the individual help they needed. She finds it much more fun, therefore, being on the outside as a private immigration consultant, now being able to really help people fulfil their dreams!

“The enjoyment of working one-on-one with clients, spending the time to understand their situation, and work with them to put together a strong visa application is what makes my work satisfying. My business is all about people, and I love that!”

Nikki knows the visa application process inside and out: the UK’s Immigration Rules and how they are applied in practice, and what is and isn’t possible.

Unlike most immigration professionals, de Prey Consulting has that priceless ingredient: insider information.

About Nikki de Prey

de Prey Consulting is an immigration consultancy based in Edinburgh, UK. Nikki advises clients on the variety of visa applications for entering or remaining in the UK. For more information read about her background in About dPC.