UK Immigration Advice

If you have an immigration query just make contact by e-mail.  Nikki de Prey is always happy to give you some guidance or answer initial questions for no charge, to help set you in the right direction. Quite often Nikki finds that these e-mails go back and forth a few times with clients as they try to work out how to get in the direction they want to go.

At the point where Nikki feels you would benefit from a more in-depth discussion about your personal circumstances and your immigration options Nikki will suggest you book a consultation call. This involves scheduling a time best for you using her online calendar, and ask you relevant questions to get a good picture of who you are, what you are wanting to do, how much you do or don’t know about your UK visa options, and then let you know what visa options she thinks will best work for you.

You are then free to use Nikki’s services for full preparation of a visa application or not, just as you prefer. Many people do decide to use her in this way, and the cost of the consultation is then deducted from the bill for full preparation. Some, however, just want to spend an hour on the phone with Nikki to get the details of what they should do, and then go ahead and prepare their application themselves, often coming back for a document review prior to submission. Nikki is happy to serve you in whatever capacity you are looking for.

de Prey Consulting charges for consultation calls by 30 min, 1 hr or 2 hrs, and can take credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, cheque or money order in GBP, whichever suits you best.

So if you have a question, don’t hesitate to get in touch! de Prey Consulting would love to get you going along your immigration path to fulfilling your dreams.

About Nikki de Prey

de Prey Consulting is an immigration consultancy based in Edinburgh, UK. Nikki advises clients on the variety of visa applications for entering or remaining in the UK. For more information read about her background in About dPC.