Take their word for it…

“I just want to reiterate our thanks….it’s been a pleasure working with you, and we were so fortunate to receive your help. Your guidance and inputs made a huge difference in best organising the application, and clarifying each step of the process, as well as creating peace of mind for us and saving a lot of our time particularly just when we’re caring for a newborn.”  Pascal and Madeline O, Indefinite Leave to Remain following 5 years on a partner visa

“Nikki was recommended to my husband and I by the US based lawyer who helped us with the initial UK family visa in 2018.  We can now see why she came so highly recommended, having now successfully completed the process for Further Leave To Remain while in the UK, with Nikki.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and easy to work with.  All steps of the process were explained to us clearly (and followed up in writing) and simply, and she helped throughout the document gathering and application process.  Nikki is efficient and prompt in her responses (even to the stupid questions we had!).  She’s also got a great sense of humour, which was invaluable in getting us through it all!  We definitely recommend her highly, and will do so to anyone who will listen!”  Sandy and Travis B, Further Leave to Remain as a partner (FLR(M))

“We cannot recommend Nikki’s immigration services highly enough. At each step in the process, she was there with us. She gave clear explanations of the settlement visa application, and we were able to set clear and reasonable expectations–which is extremely reassuring in such a stressful situation. Absolutely top-notch service. We will be using her again in a couple of years for the renewal. Thank you!”  Melissa and Lee, Settlement: Wife, USA

“We used De Prey Consulting services for our UK Spousal Visa back in 2017. I am a Canadian who was applying to move to the UK to join my husband who is a British citizen. Nikki was very professional, and friendly. We opted for her in-person services in Edinburgh and Nikki was very knowledgeable regarding UK immigration policies, and the ins-and-outs of the application process. Nikki gave us detailed instructions of how to best lay out our application, and also reviewed our letter, and all our documents submitted. With the help of De Prey Consulting services, we were successfully granted the UK Spousal Visa! Thank you so much, Nikki! We would 100% recommend her services to anyone who is needing help through the difficult visa processes!”  Erica L, Settlement: Wife, Canada

“I have known Nikki for over 5 years, and we prepared the documents together for each of my 3 spouse visa application steps.  I would like to recommend her as the highest class professional with attention to detail and very helpful, beyond necessary.  I couldn’t wish for a better advisor! Thank you so much!”  Veronika K, Indefinite Leave to Remain following 5 yrs on a partner visa

“I’ve used Nikki’s services 3 times now since 2014. Several document checks and once meeting in person. My wife’s ILR got approved in August without any problems, and my category F was very complex as I am a company director with dividends. I would not even attempt an application without Nikki checking all my documents.  There are always a few things which she picks up on and enable us to get everything 100% right before submission.  As a result, we’ve had 3 successful applications without any need to send additional documentation.  I highly recommend Nikki and her services to give you peace of mind, and prevent unnecessary time and expenses.  Thank You for all your help over the years!”  Paul and Cynthia McC, Indefinite Leave to Remain following 5 yrs on a partner visa

“I can not thank Nikki enough for guiding me through my spousal Visa and extension. Nikki’s excellent knowledge and expertise in this area took so much of the anxiety out of this process.  Nikki is extremely professional, caring and always responded to all my questions. I recently applied for Indefinite Leave to Remain and although I didn’t formally use Nikki she still answered some questions I had.  She was very supportive and was able to explain the application in a common sense manner. I would highly recommend Nikki!!” Denise M, Indefinite Leave to Remain following 5 yrs on a partner visa

“Couldn’t have done it without you! De Prey Consulting was invaluable in guiding me through selection of my family’s immigration pathway and the steps and processes to be followed.  Most importantly, Nikki gave essential advice on how to ensure that the information I supplied complied with both the documented and undocumented requirements, so that the application wasn’t unnecessarily rejected.  The process was so complex and overwhelming that I would never have coped without her ongoing input.” Brendon H, Settlement: Wife plus children, South Africa

“My wife and I were recently successful in applying for her indefinite leave to remain visa, having previously completed the further leave to remain and the initial settlement visa. We have used Nikki’s services on each of those occasions and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her invaluable support over the past six years.

From an operational point of view, Nikki has a great talent for providing instructions and responding to questions in a clear, logical and prompt manner. Her previous experience of working for the UK government is a priceless asset that her clients can benefit from. This inside knowledge allowed her to guide us on exactly what information was going to be critical to the application, and which details we could safely leave out. She advised on exactly what the visa processing staff were going to be looking for, and how to present our application accordingly.

But what really sets Nikki apart is how much she cared about our applications. She has a genuine empathy for the various range of emotions that we went through during the visa process. There were countless occasions when we were in a mild panic about something but a reassuring email or call from Nikki always calmed us down!

I would recommend Nikki to anyone looking for UK visa advice – she is absolutely brilliant.”  Jon and Vivian L, Indefinite Leave to Remain following 5 years on a partner visa

“I am so grateful that a friend recommended Nikki to me. Applying for indefinite leave to remain is an extremely stressful and complicated process, but she made all the difference to my outcome and to my sanity by being incredibly lovely, reassuring and responsive. She went way above and beyond to answer my queries and help me navigate through a bump in the road caused by my inept HR department. She’s worth every single penny, and I will recommend her highly to anyone I encounter who is applying for a visa/ILR.”  Jessica C, Indefinite Leave to Remain following 5 years on a Tier 2 visa

“I contacted Nikki after a friend recommended her who had also used her services for ILR. I found her very professional and helpful. She answered any questions I had and knew exactly what was needed and what was lacking. Her insight into immigration related issues was very helpful. Her positivity and helpfulness are second to none. I will be recommending her to my friends as well without hesitation.” Saqib K, Indefinite Leave to Remain following 5 years on a Tier 2 visa

“Just cannot thank Nikki enough for guiding us on our Immigration journey. Nikki’s excellent knowledge and expertise in this area took so much of the worry and stress out of this process for us. Nikki is polite, professional and always responded promptly to my 200+ questions every other day in a friendly manner.  She is totally supportive and was always a text, email or phone call away no matter which part of the world we were in. To say that working with Nikki has been an absolute pleasure to work with would be an understatement. Always helpful and understanding, it goes without saying that Nikki will be guiding us in the next part of our journey too.” Priya and Shyamal S, Settlement: Husband, Qatar

“I have worked with Nikki for two visas now and I cannot speak highly enough of her. Nikki is extremely professional, organized, and a prompt and clear communicator. She made what can be a very stressful process instead very straight forward. On top of her knowledge and skills, Nikki is extremely positive and supportive from beginning to end. I always received feedback within 24 hours and she was so thorough in her responses, answering all of my questions, even when I emailed her in a state of panic and asked the same questions multiple times. Her responses always gave me clear answers, and I appreciated that she was straight forward about any potential issues she thought I may have, and then included advice on how to work around them. Thank you Nikki, you are an absolute pleasure to work with and I was granted my visa without hassle both times.” Alexis R, Indefinite Leave to Remain after 5 yrs as a partner (SET(M))

“Sheraz got his visa today!!! I just wanted to say thank you for all your help: answering messages during the holiday period, replying to all queries (no matter how ridiculous) and for stopping me from turning into a nervous wreck!! :)”  Sophia and Sheraz A, Settlement: Husband, Pakistan

“We contracted Nikki for a spousal visa renewal and would recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking an immigration professional. She was incredibly professional and organised, offered reassuring and efficient feedback and support throughout and guided us through the whole process from initial consultation to getting the visa through. As much as is possible, Nikki made dealing with the Home Office stress-free and straightforward and she was a pleasure to work with. We can’t thank her enough.” Jo R and Katy F, Further Leave to Remain as a partner

“Nikki is one of the most professional person I have come across. Very flexible and supportive throughout my ILR and dependent visa for my wife.” Nish D, Indefinite Leave to Remain from Tier 2 plus dependant

“We have been very happy with your service; the list to plan to was perfect and it’s been great to have questions answered when we needed them.” Stew and Ana, Settlement: Wife, Brazil

“We are so relieved, and can’t thank you enough for all your advice and reassuring guidance through this process. I’m not sure we would have survived without your help!” Taya A and Andy C, Settlement: Husband, Australia

“We have been working with Nikki for 2 times already – on the initial application for the spouse visa and the second step. Both times she was highly professional and helpful. She helped to organise the documents as they should be and gave advices on the order, which I saw, really helped on the application day. I never met such an accurate and nice advisor. We surely know that the next time we will ask Nikki for help again.  Thank you very much!!!” Veronika and Jamie, Further Leave to Remain as a partner making an in-person application

“Hi Nikki. Just wanted to let you know that I  got my visa today. Thank God for  you and your selfless  help. You are truly a wonderful  person. I  wish I could  give you a massive  Hug!!! Thank you.” Robert W, Settlement: spouse, USA

“Nikki made a potentially very stressful visa application process as smooth as possible. Her experience in the field, calm demeanor, and quick responses we always so helpful and reassuring. Nikki is honestly a lifesaver and saved us from having to apply for a visa twice and wasting almost £2,000. So grateful for her guidance and reassurance through the process and being so easy to work with! Have already recommended her to others and wouldn’t hesitate to contact her in 2.5 years when I get to do this all again.” Katy J, Settlement: spouse, USA

“We got it and she said ‘Your application is fantastic I wish they were all like this’.”  Audrei and Declan S, UK, Further Leave to Remain as a partner making an in-person application

“Hi Nikki, everything went great.  The examiner said it was her ‘best first case ever’! As we were so organised.  A big Thank You.”  Paul and Cynthia McC, Further Leave to Remain as a partner making an in-person application (holding the first appointment of the day)

“Adam and I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done!  You’ve quickly and concisely answered all of our questions, provided amazing feedback and were very well informed about everything!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  Sarah K, UK, Further Leave to Remain as a partner

“Nikki was a lifesaver! My husband is a UK citizen who had been working in the US for a number of years. When a job opportunity arose for him in the UK, we assumed it would be easy for me to get approval to join him. After all, we’d been married in the UK and the marriage visa process was a bit convoluted but fairly simple to negotiate. We rented a home in London and rented out our US house—and then I was rejected for not providing sufficient documentation that our marriage was valid and that we had the means to support ourselves. We turned to an immigration solicitor who took a very long time to do very little and seemed annoyed when we asked questions. Luckily, we found Nikki, who walked us through the whole process and calmed my nerves along the way. She cheerfully answered the silliest of questions and made sure that we walked through every bit of documentation before I sent the package off the second time. Nikki said she thought I would get my visa around the end of September and it was issued on 22 September. She has been an absolute joy to work with. Thank you, Nikki! I’m now in London, reunited with my husband and our cats.”  Sue C, Settlement: Spouse, USA

You have been a life saver. A beacon of clarity in a fog of complexity. Thank you.” Richmond and Minh, Settlement: Unmarried Partner, Philippines

“I’m British born, but went travelling to Australia when I was in my early twenties and met my Australian husband to be over there. I settled in Australia and received permanent residency.

Unfortunately, my dad back home in England was diagnosed with terminal cancer and of course I wanted to return home to be with him and bring my partner with me. Looking on forums and speaking to various immigration ‘experts’ before Nikki gave me anxiety and added to the stress in my life.

Luckily I came across Nikki’s website and she was amazing to talk to and so ‘normal’ – really down to earth, but with professional in-depth knowledge.

Although I had to move back to England prior to my partner in order to get a job and meet the financial requirements, Nikki helped us with the application and he was able to move over six months later (he visited twice in that time so it wasn’t too bad!) We were able to spend the next 10 months spending time with my dad and planning our wedding before having an amazing wedding day. Sadly my dad passed away two weeks after our wedding, but I’m forever thankful that we were able to all spend that time together and get married in the UK.

My husband and I are now planning to stay in the UK (he likes the pubs!) and we will definitely use Nikki again to help us extend his spouse visa before he can get permanent residency. For me, one of the best things about Nikki is that every few months I will have a freak out about something, e.g. have a question about the next visa and she always comes back to me straightaway and is really lovely and helpful.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nikki to anybody.”  Helen W, Settlement: Unmarried Partner, Australia

“I got my viiiisaaaa!!!!! Shed a tear in the visa centre I was so relieved.  Thanks so much for all your time I really found it very cool working with you.”  Gavin H, Settlement: spouse, South Africa

Thank you for your help and advice throughout the process. It was very helpful that you offered flexible rates at the beginning, rather than an expensive set fee, as quoted by the other immigration solicitors to whom I enquired. I knew that I could put most of the application together myself but the helping hand and guidance defintely helped.” Dermot T, Settlement: spouse, Qatar

“I’ve really enjoyed working with you–your professionalism and expertise have been wonderful.” Susie S, Academic Visitor, USA 

“It goes without saying that we have valued your guidance greatly over the last few months.  I don’t think we would have made it without you!  So thank you.” Russell W, UK, Further Leave to Remain as a partner

“I highly recommend using Nikki de Prey’s services when applying for a UK visa. We would not have known all the documents we needed to send without her help. She made this complicated process go smoothly for us, and I will definitely use her help again when we renew our visas.” Kamie B, USA, Tier 1: Entrepreneur

“Over the past few years, Nikki has consulted on three successful visa applications on behalf of myself and my wife. Her insight and attention to detail has proven invaluable in each case. However, most notable was how she was always available with expert advice, even in the face of unexpected complications. We strongly recommend de Prey Consulting and intend to retain their services for all of our future immigration needs.”  Jon and Emily F., Canada, Tier 2 and Tier 5

“I applied for spouse visa on 29th January 2015 and received an email on 5th February 2015 that the decision was made and the passport was dispatched. I had to wait till 7th February 2015 for the passport to get delivered. I have never heard anyone getting spouse visa within 5 working days! It’s no less than a miracle for me and my family 🙂

When I was planning to apply for visas, the documents they asked for especially the financial documents were making me crazy.  It all looked almost impossible. But Nikki had been assisting and guiding on every step, making the process so smooth. She is very patient, helpful, cooperative, knowledgeable and hardworking. Her quick replies, positive and friendly attitude kept me in relief all the time.

It’s difficult to trust someone online but Nikki is 100% genuine. I definitely recommend her. I can’t thank her enough.

THANKS A LOT NIKKI FOR EVERYTHING! Things would never have been so easy without YOU.”  Mrs Naznin Q, India, Settlement: Wife

“We just successfully received the spouse visa. Thank you very much, Nikki and de Prey Consulting for the high-levelled professionalism, human kindness and personal relation. We are now happy and genuinely recommend  to everybody!” Veronika K, UK, Further Leave to Remain as a Spouse

“We would highly recommend Nikki and de Prey Consulting to assist with your visa application. She was instrumental in ensuring my visa came through in time to be with my husband for the birth of our first child. It literally would not have happened without her. She saved us time and money and was invaluable in answering all the questions we had. She knows the system inside and out and we couldn’t have done it without her.”  Ali JJ, Canada, Settlement: Wife 

My daughter and I were trying to get settlement visas, but we had run into a few serious problems as a result of my mistakes and the confusion of working with UK immigration.  I contacted Nikki as we were in a difficult  position and needed help to get things back on track in a very short time frame.  Nikki was extremely responsive, helpful  and knowledgeable as she guided us through putting together the information needed to be successful.  At one point, when there were serious concerns about one of the problems we faced, she took the time to review my information in detail and was able to figure out the critical piece of information needed to ensure the financial requirements were met based on immigration’s conditions.  Given the potential for a refusal, she absolutely came through for us.  I wholeheartedly recommend Nikki, she is fantastic.”  Ken D, USA, Settlement: Husband and Child

“Thanks Nikki. For EVERYTHING. For being professional, quick, diligent, something akin to a therapist (!!), and just an all round LEGEND.” Phil and Katherine, USA, Settlement: Marriage visa

“Back in 2012 my American girlfriend came to stay with me in my home in the UK for 6 months. Little did we know at the time to book a 6 month trip would raise a red flag with immigration at the airport and we had to go through an 8 hour ordeal where they kept her in the holding tank until they were sure we were not doing anything wrong and that they believed that she would return to America.

Our long term goal was for her to live here in the UK but we had no idea what was involved in getting her a visa and after our ordeal at the airport we were pretty terrified of immigration. After doing lots of research online, reading many forums with conflicting advice and many tales of how people were rejected for all kinds of reasons we finally found de Prey Consulting. I was concerned at first that we wouldn’t be able to afford her help but Nikki turned out to be invaluable to us. Not only was she very affordable, but by using her services I believe she has saved us thousands! There are so many stories out there of people who have tried to save a little money by going through the visa application process alone only to be rejected, losing all the money they spent on their visa application. Then they have to go through the expense all over again for the next application attempt. This is why I cannot recommend Nikki enough! If you are considering applying for a visa look no further as she will help you put together an application that will succeed as long as you meet the criteria.

Not only is Nikki affordable she is also extremely detailed, patient and caring. Due to our circumstances it took us almost a year to reach the point where we were able to put our application in. Throughout that year I asked Nikki countless questions, whenever we were worried, she was there to put our minds at ease. It was a long laborious process but we got there! I know we wouldn’t have been able to do it without Nikki’s help. If you look online at the information available to you it is incredibly confusing even on the governments official website. Nikki made everything crystal clear. We will definitely be using Nikki’s services when we have to apply for the second visa in a couple of years. Thanks to Nikki’s help, my now wife and I are finally living together, with no worries of whether we will get to spend our lives together or not.  We are confident that we will be approved the second round with Nikki’s assistance and would highly recommend her services to avoid any unnecessary stress.

We would like to thank Nikki for helping us to achieve our dreams!”  Cherie B, USA, Settlement: Wife

“Before choosing the visa consultant I sent 300 e-mails to all consultants in the authorised consultants list, during the first 6 hours received 200 replies – and found that you are the most trustworthy consultant.  I was right!”  Tonia S, Russia, Representative of an Overseas Business visa

“The e-mail arrived today to confirm the Visa has been issued ‘YAY’ 🙂 and will be here in one working day. We should be able to pick it up on Monday. Just over three months of laughter and tears what a roller coaster ride that was. We would both like to thank you for guiding us through the mine field of paper work and sorting out every detail down to the last full stop. Without your help it would have been a very different story, thank you again Nikki for giving our story a very happy end.” Michael and Satsuki B, Japan, Settlement: spouse visa

“I wanted to commend you, Nikki, for your sincerity, expertise, and savvy. You provided the details that made my Priority Settlement application get approved the first time.  Your winning combination of knowledge, empathy and downright common sense make you worth every (reasonable) penny you charge.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Completely thrilled to be going back to Britain, the place that feels most like home. Many thanks.” Jacqueline G, USA, Settlement: spouse visa

“I loved working with Nikki – she picked up all my calls, listened to my million questions, held my hand while we tried to figure out how to do everything in 5 days, and ultimately got me over the finish line in the nick of time.  Highly recommended!  Thanks Nikki.”  Anna S, UK, Tier 1: General visa extension

“Thank you soooo much for all of your help….You are a lifesaver.  And now I can visit my boyfriend, which is all I ever wanted to do!  I cannot begin to thank you enough.  But I’ll still say it, thank you!”  Lucie B, USA, visit visa

“OMG!! Thank you soooo much for all your help! I can’t bellieve it! I’m getting my life back 🙂 thanks thanks thanks.” Lindsay S, USA, Tier 2 dependant visa

“I  got to tell ya how much I appreciate the good job you did for getting my visa. Thanks alot…. You proved to me last year that you were more about helping folks like me than you were about just making money, and that means alot, thanks again.”  Nolon M, USA, visit visa

“I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ very much for your help and giving me the confidence to actually try traveling.  You have a great service and if ever I or anyone I know needs your type of help I will be certain to pass on your info.” Lou, USA, visit

“WE DID IT!!!! I’m coming back!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help and guidance. I couldn’t have done it without you.” Meredith A, USA, Tier 1: Post-Study Work visa

“Over the past six months, as I’ve struggled with all aspects of launching my own sole proprietor consultancy, I’ve come across a number of people in different fields doing the same thing.  Some do it better than others.  de Prey Consulting does it better than most.  Sitting here in your target audience, I can tell you that de Prey Consulting comes across as extremely well managed. The scripts are well written and informative.  The layouts are clean.  The value proposition is clear.  And most importantly, you come across as deeply knowledgeable, confident, professional, and friendly.  That’s a tough mix to accomplish.” Patrick C, USA

“A few weeks ago we got the fantastic news that HY has a visa! We both feel really indebted to you for all your patient advice. You made a really nerve-racking procedure much less stressful.” Giles A, Suffolk, UK – settlement visa

“YEAAAHHHHH!!! We got it!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” Lindsay K, USA, Tier 1: General visa

“I wanted to send you an extra special thank you for all the support you have provided as we worked our way through the new Tier 4 UK visa process!! You helped relieve so many of my stresses as we made sure we were advising our students properly.” Jodi M, Study Abroad Program Manager, USA, Tier 4 student visas

“Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say ‘thanks’ for all of your prompt and professional advice in relation to my settlement visa.” Phil M, London, UK, settlement visa

“I have really enjoyed working with you and you have been enormously helpful to me and our company.” Erica S, Study Abroad Program Manager, USA, Tier 4 student visas

Adjectives of appreciation are inadequate in describing my felicity.” Alexander S, USA, Tier 4 student visa


About Nikki de Prey

de Prey Consulting is an immigration consultancy based in Edinburgh, UK. Nikki advises clients on the variety of visa applications for entering or remaining in the UK. For more information read about her background in About dPC.