Immigration to Scotland

Thinking of visiting Scotland?  Would like to live in Scotland for a while?

de Prey Consulting is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and believes that Scotland is a ‘must do’ for anyone coming to the UK!  Scotland has the most majestic scenery you will find anywhere in the UK, alongside the friendliest people!

de Prey Consulting’s Director, Nikki de Prey, has lived in both Chicago, USA, and Edinburgh, Scotland – both world class cities famed for their architecture, one modern, one ancient.

Nikki says, “For 9 years in Chicago I enjoyed the ‘glam’ of living in one of the world’s most beautiful modern cities; I am now enjoying the solidity of walking cobbled streets that my great-great-great grandfather walked, knowing he was looking at the exact same buildings I am.” Nikki loved Chicago, but for her Edinburgh is the most beautiful city she has ever seen.

Scotland is a part of the UK, along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Although the UK’s central government is based in London (England), Scotland has a separate legal system and a separate education system, and in 1999 the Scottish Parliament was formed in the capital, Edinburgh, giving Scotland devolved power from London.

For immigration purposes, a visit or move to Scotland has the same requirements as for anywhere else in the UK. If you enter the UK in one part you can freely move around without further need for visas – for example, if you enter England as a visitor or on a visa you are free to travel to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Study in Scotland

Scotland has 15 universities, including the University of St. Andrews established in 1413, the oldest university in Scotland (and famed for being the university where Prince William met Kate Middleton, now the Prince and Princess of Wales).

The Universities of Glasgow and Aberdeen also date back to the 15th Century.  The University of Edinburgh was then established in the 16th Century, giving Scotland four universities when the England only had two (Oxford and Cambridge).

So Scotland has a long history of superior education!

By studying in Scotland you can become a part of this history, and enjoy one of many old and beautiful Scottish cities, not to mention the surrounding countryside.  For more details see Student Visas.

Working in Scotland

For those interested in working in the UK, Scotland is a good place to look!  In Scotland you can find the combination of city life with ancient and modern architecture juxtaposed, and beautiful scenery ‘right on your doorstep’.

Visa requirements are the same as for the rest of the UK – see Work in the UK for details!

Have a partner in Scotland?

Do you have a Scottish partner, and want to move to Scotland to live with them?  See Marriage / Spouse / Partner for details of how to do so!

Visit Scotland

Famed for it’s history, it’s Highlands, and it’s castles, Scotland is a ‘must see’ for every visitor to the UK!

If you think you may need a visa to visit the UK, contact de Prey Consulting  to find out how to get one!

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de Prey Consulting is an immigration consultancy based in Edinburgh, UK. Nikki advises clients on the variety of visa applications for entering or remaining in the UK. For more information read about her background in About dPC.