Climate Change, what can I do – re-wilding result!

I previously wrote about re-wilding my small patch of garden in the centre of a capital city (granted one of the greenest cities in the UK, but a city nonetheless). I took a ‘minimal pruning’ approach to allow for plants to do what they wanted, and wild seeds to produce growth rather than me pulling […]

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Climate Change – What can I do? Rewilding my corner of the city

I’m sitting in my garden thrilled at the noticeable increase in bees, gnats, flies and moths compared to the past few years.  We live in the city centre of Edinburgh, and are privileged to have a small 15 ft x 15 ft garden, which makes up about one third of our total square footage and […]

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Climate Change – what can I do?

Having watched the David Attenborough documentary on our Climate Change Emergency that we share as a global responsibility, I was left with a desperate feeling, not knowing what I personally can do. But then I realised I have a website, already viewed by people across the globe – so I can use that to share […]

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