Top 5 tips for a successful UK student visa (Tier 4)

  • You must get offered a place at an educational establishment before you can apply for your Tier 4 student visa.  They will issue you with a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number.
  • Make sure you include your CAS number in your application (on ‘Appendix 8’) so that the Entry Clearance Officer (decision-maker of visa applications) can find the information confirming your place at your UK educational establishment.
  • Be sure to include all the documents that your educational establishment tells you they named on your CAS as the documents used to offer you a place.
  • Be very careful with the supporting documents you provide to satisfy the Maintenance requirement (i.e. evidence to show you can pay your tuition and your living expenses) – this is where most people get refused!  A few key issues:
    • Evidence of money held to meet the Maintenance requirement must be of cash funds – shares, bonds, pension funds and so on are not accepted.
    • The funds must have been held for 28 days.
    • The evidence must be no more than one month old at the date of application.
    • The funds must be held in your or your parent’s name.
    • Bank statements should be printed by your bank – online print-outs alone will not be accepted and can lead to refusal of your application.
    • Electronic bank statements from an online account are only acceptable if stamped by the bank on every page, or accompanied by a letter from the bank authenticating them.
  • The very specific format of the documentary evidence for your student visa application is crucial to success – either check the Policy Guidance yourself or get professional assistance with your application from an immigration consultant or your educational establishment.  Take great care or you may get your visa refused!

Updated 10/5/19

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